Lives Radio Show with Stuart Chittenden

Lives Radio Show with Stuart Chittenden

By Lives Radio Show with Stuart Chittenden

Lives is a one hour radio talk show about conversation and community, featuring interviews with the people that bring community to life. It is broadcast and streamed weekly on air and on the internet by KXNB Mind & Soul 101.3FM, a new low-power community radio station licensed to the Malcolm X Center Memorial Foundation in north Omaha. Lives Radio Show with Stuart Chittenden is a production of Squishtalks.

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Lives Radio Show – Ruth Meints

Ruth Meints is a violinist, music educator, and executive director of the Omaha Conservatory of Music. She shares her thoughts about the importance of music education, why she wrote the String Sprouts curriculum, and a few stories about her childhoodRead more


Lives Radio Show – Betsy Finch of Fontenelle Forest's Raptor Recovery Center

Betsy Finch of Fontenelle Forest's Raptor Recovery Center tours us around the Center and introduces us to a variety of eagles, owls, ospreys, falcons, and other birds of prey being cared for, including one golden eagle being treated for lead poisoninRead more


Lives Radio Show – Will Meinen

Improv comedian and writer Will Meinen was formerly a researcher and organizational psychologist before pursuing improv at Chicago’s iO Theater, as well as training at Annoyance and Second City. Meinen shares his path to comedy and beyond it, includiRead more


Lives Radio Show – Kevin Clouther

Author and teacher Kevin Clouther is the University of Nebraska - Omaha's coordinator of its MFA in Writing. In this show he talks about his evolution as a writer and his first story collection, his process for writing, and the philosophy guiding UNORead more


Lives Radio Show – New Year Resolutions

A special New Year show talking about resolutions, personal growth, and some stories about intention setting. Joined by co-host and former Lives Radio Show guest, life coach Mandy Kubicek, our guests in conversation about all things New Year resolutiRead more

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